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The Dalías Casino is an emblem throughout the region and beyond. . It was built at the beginning of the 20th century, specifically, in 1906. It was founded with 91 members, all residents of the town.

His first place was the house, taken for rent, located in Elm Tree Square, owned by Don Guillermo Maldonado Villegas. Later, they thought of having their own building and for this purpose they bought a farm for 10,000 pesetas (€50) in which Los Venturas family had one of the classic cooperages of those times.

The first building, built in 1909, was on one floor and with few architectural pretensions. Later, due to successive extensions and improvement works, it has reached its present sumptuousness and appearance. A majestic building, which has two now floors with eleven rooms and a large outdoor and summer terrace. Its rooms have various functions such as a game room, a meeting room, a library, a cafeteria, an assembly hall and the so-called winter rooms, richly decorated and accessed through a majestic staircase.

The terrace hosts the famous Society dances, held during the Big Week of Dalías, where neighbors and visitors of all ages congregate, coming together up to three generations. As established by protocol, you must attend with full dresses, to enjoy music played by the best orchestras in our country, a meeting and coexistence point between neighbors and visitors.

More than a hundred orchestras have paraded through its stages, “the best in the country” and artists as important as Rocio Jurado, Maria Dolores Pradera, Paco de Lucía, José Mercé, Dúo Dinámico, José Luis Perales, El Lebrijano, Mocedades, Rafael, Luis Eduardo Aute, Mass, Manolo Escobar, Lola Flores…

It also stands out for the great cultural activity that takes place there throughout the whole year, being one of the largest references at the provincial level. Painting exhibitions, the Early Pepper Days, gastronomic samples, film screenings, conferences, literary contests, summer courses of the University of Almeria…

Currently, the Dalías Casino has 1,003 members and it itself is member of the Spanish Federation of Cultural Circuits and Casinos of Spain.